TC Teardrops ISO Trailer

For over a decade I have been using an old Canadian M101 military trailer with OzTrail 375OR as my base camp for trips. On top of that, I have a Ellis Shackleton canvas hot tent setup, and a Crua Hybrid tent/hammock setup. They are all great and work for various scenarios. Last fall we entered the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) and West Virginia Interscholastic Cycling League (WVICL) mountain biking scene and it quickly became apparent that one thing none of my current setups offered was convenience. I needed convenient cooking, quick camp setup and tear-down, and optimally a guaranteed dry and warm place in the event the weather was poor. And living in WV, the 2023 WVICL season featured some truly miserable but also awesome riding conditions. So, taking those factors into consideration, and weighing various camper and teardrop options which I have been researching for years now, enter TC Teardrops based out of Wausau, WI.

To put it simply, TC (Todd and Carol) Teardrops is a family owned and operated custom teardrop shop, in business since 2008. They offer an amazing array of models and options, do an incredible job working with their customers to create the trailer folks want, stand behind their work, and do this all at an extremely competitive and affordable price.

Trailer Models and Specs

There are several models available at various price points and catering to different needs, but cutting right to the chase, I wanted the reliability and smooth ride of tandem axles, electric trailer brakes, as well as storage space for mountain bikes. Based on these main criteria, the ISO model made sense to me and was specced as follows:

ISO Standard + Custom Add-Ons
ISO 5×10 Base Spec110v Power Strip in Galley
7-pin Spade HarnessExtra 12v Accessory Plug in Galley
RAL 5022 Night BlueOVS Nomadic LT Free-Standing Awning and Walls, Passenger Side
Wheel Style – Gunmetal Gray, Toyota patternTWO (2) Window-Mounted Dual Fans
ISO Spare – Mounted on TongueTWO (2) Passive Air Vent Fans
Rhino Rack – Platform Roof RackDoor Magnets
Water-Based Clear Poly SealantRock Sliders
Queen Mattress (58x75x6)Rotopax – 4 gal kerosene on Tongue (pair of 2 gal)
Blue/White Reading LightsFront Runner – Single Water Tank w/Spigot – 5.3 gal Total, both sides
Curtain Rods & Towel BarPropane – 11lb Backet and Tank (Passenger Side)
Upgrade Included Rear Table to Cutting Board MaterialAdd – Blackout Package
Add Extra Rear Hinge Table (Cutting Board)Add – Upgraded 3/16″ Aluminum Diamond Plate front Platform
LED Strip Lights w/Remote and DimmerAdd – Diesel Heater Hookup – Passenger Side
Silverware DrawerAdd – 12v SAE Power Hookup on Platform for Diesel Heater
Battery Charger/TenderAdd – T-Hitch Adapter for Bike Rack

The bottom line here is that there are a TON of options available in the standard configuration, and that increases immensely because if it can be customized, TC will do their best to make it happen. I added several custom options based on my particular intended uses and personal preferences. I already have, or wanted to upgrade several areas such as solar and electrical, as well as the galley and associated equipment.

Ordering and Lead Time

The trailer was ordered in May 2023 and scheduled for completion in March 2024, an approximately 10 month lead time. Having said that, lead times do vary, and I actually had multiple opportunities to move my date up by several months. In the end I did move it up to February 2024 and that worked out perfectly. As I write this, the current lead time is listed at 6 months which in the world of custom campers, is very reasonable in my opinion. TCT’s ordering process is extremely simple, and the majority is done online.

Currently, a 50% refundable $600 deposit is required at the time of ordering, with the full payment due prior to pickup. Another very reasonable requirement in the event life throws a curve ball and you need to adjust either pickup, or back out of the deal altogether.

Picking up the Trailer

So, when February 2024 hit, it was time for a 2000 mile round-trip to pick up the trailer at TCT’s shop. Playing the exact timing by ear, due to the huge variability in weather between WV and WI in March, everything dropped in our favor and the trip was confirmed. We made best time out to Wausau, staying in a couple hotels just to make life easier and get our days started earlier.

We previously arranged to pick up the trailer from the shop on a Saturday, but actually made it a bit early on Friday so got a sneak peek of the trailer, and the opportunity to speak with Todd on some configuration details.

The next morning, bright and early, we met Todd for the final walk through. Simply put, the trailer was even better than I had expected, and my expectations were pretty high walking into this. The hitch used is a Lock-n-Roll, height adjustable, and matched up to my 2022 Tacoma without issue. Additionally, I had installed a Redarc Tow Pro Elite Tacoma Install Kit which worked immediately and flawlessly for the entire trip. On this note, if you want an extremely simple installation, coupled with performance so good you don’t even notice the trailer, the Tow Pro Elite is for you. While Todd was giving us the trailer tour, Carol stopped by to meet us and say hi. That really meant a lot and was very refreshing in a time where good customer service has essentially gone away. I will delve more into the trailer features more later in this write-up.

Throughout the entire process, both Todd and Carol made the experience a good one and never hesitated to answer my many questions, or work with me to accommodate my needs. The entire TCT crew produced an excellent product for us with great fit and finish. Todd continues to field my random questions on this or that, even after pickup day. Kudos to you both! Leaving the shop was a bit bittersweet because its the kind of place, and they are the kind of people, you would just like to hang with and chat with for hours. But, it was time to start the long trip home, so at 9:30a we left to get breakfast and head on down the road. On the way back, took the opportunity to tour Michigan’s UP and really see the sights. I heartily recommend camping at Milakokia Lake Campground in Michigan, and Delaware State Park in Ohio, year-round, as they were great sites to stay at.

Milakokia State Campground

Delaware State Campground

Trailer Walk-Around

Overall Chassis and Construction

Hitch, Bike Rack, and Platform

Rack and Awning



Solar & Electrical

Main Usage and Final Thoughts