So for months, maybe even years, I have had little projects sitting out there, evading completion.  That, I realized, makes me a bit crazy.  So, time to get some completion.  One task already done is to finish my trailer electrical box and mount on the trailer.  Mission accomplished!  Here’s what else is happening:


  • Replace hubs for 6 on 5.5″ Toyota wheel pattern
  • Paint old FZJ80 wheels for fitment on trailer
  • Mount tent lift struts (so I can actually lift the lid without having an aneurysm)
  • Add distribution block and wiring for trailer electrical accessories (LED lights, USB Chargers)
  • Install modular LED light system with dimmers for inside the tent


So, all in all, a lot to do.  But I would like to, and plan to have this done prior to the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival August 13-16, stay tuned!

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