Sometimes you just need to suck it up and commit.  Wanting the 1993 FZJ80 to be a reliable family vehicle, there was some money that needed to be spent.  After the brake caliper failure and subsequent trashing of a rotor, it just made sense to replace the entire system.  I knew the front axles seals needed replacement so while everything was pulled, may as well do those and a full knuckle rebuild to include bearings.  Then a bunch or reliability work to address old hoses and leaks.  Finally, make the CEL turn off!  Lol.  Yeah, that one had been bugging me for awhile.  So after getting up with the good folks at RnR Auto, it was time to start!

Here’s a more or less complete what the the old girl got on this round of servicing:

  • OEM Calipers (x4)
  • Centric (Slotted Cryo) Rotors (x4)
  • EBC Green Pads (x4)
  • OEM Full Knuckle Rebuild (x2)
  • OEM Axle Seal Replacement (x2)
  • OEM Front Wheel Bearings (x2)
  • OEM Trunion Bearings (x4)
  • Nitro Chromoly Front Axle Shafts (Inner & Outer – 30 spline)
  • OEM Front 30 spline hubs (x2)
  • OEM Oxygen Sensors (x2)
  • Low-Pressure Power Steering Hoses (x2)
  • Silicone Heater Hoses (Various including PHH & FHH)
  • Silicone Vacuum Line Replacement (Various 3.5mm)
  • OEM Spark Plugs / Plug Wires / Distributor Cap / Rotor
  • OEM Oil Pump Seal Replacement
  • OEM Distributor Seal Replacement
  • OEM Crank Seal Replacement
  • OEM New PCV Valve
  • OEM Drive Belts (x2)
  • OEM AC Belt
  • Amsoil Brake Fluid – Flush & Refill
  • Amsoil Gear Oil (75w90) – Front Axle
  • Amsoil Synthetic ATF – Power Steering Flush & Refill
  • Interior Cleaning Including Headliner
  • Greased Front & Rear Driveshafts

As I said, most of the heavy lifting was done by the good folks at RnR Auto, Rick Collins (Owner).  So why would I pay someone to do all this when most if not all was work I can do myself?  Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. No garage, no space – I am no fan of trying to do major work on the driveway, out in the sun/rain/wind/cold.  No thanks.
  2. Realistic use of my time – It is very difficult to find blocks of time to complete work of this nature, particularly the axle rebuild.
  3. Expertise – Even though I am experienced at this, I am not a Mechanic.  There is a difference.
  4. Trust & Reputation – I trust RnR to do the job right, at a very fair price, with minimal headaches.  RnR came through for me before, and this time as well.  Enough said.

And before I go any further, here are the parts sources I used.  Some may say going OEM is a waste of money.  I say the OEM parts lasted over 200k miles, why on earth would I not use them?  I did make a couple of changes to what I consider better or more appropriate parts, but even there OEM is absolutely worth the money and performs well.  So here goes…

OEM Parts – Need OEM parts?  You need to call Onur right now.  Top notch knowledge and pricing, you won’t do better anywhere else!

So what was the end result?  Money well spent.  Brakes like a new vehicle.  Leaks virtually gone.  And the CEL is finally off!  Now, being as old a vehicle as it is, and not having complete service records, there is still more to do.  But the things that will stop your trip dead in its tracks are essentially complete, at least the predictable and preventable ones.  However, the project will never actually be done…

Still To-Do:

  • Silicone Radiator Hoses (x3)
  • OEM Thermostat
  • Cooling System Flush & Refill (Toyota Red Long-Life)
  • Replace Part #23275 (Vacuum Control Valve #1 9092503192) because 22 year old plastic is brittle and doesn’t like being tugged on when removing vacuum lines Lol
  • PFran LED’s (Interior & Exterior)
  • HIR 9011/9012 Headlight Replacement
  • Rear axle shaft replacement (Nitro Chromoly) and wheel rebuild.
  • Outback Drawer System
  • Prinsu Roof Rack

Time to head outside and enjoy the rig…

FZJ80 Drip 01
FZJ80 New Brakes 03
FZJ80 New Hoses 02
FZJ80 Oxygen Sensors 01

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