DEPO Smoke LED Tail Light Installation for the FZJ80

Having been in the process of making some lighting upgrades, and having a cracked driver tail light since I got the truck from one of the previous owners, I figured it was time to fix it.  I had originally looked at a full set of Depo light including headlights from a guy on IH8MUD, but in the end he couldn’t get smoke, just clear.  Opinions vary, and it is personal preference, but having a white truck, I wanted smoked.  So, Ebay to the rescue.  For less than a single OEM assembly, the new set was on its way.

Quality & Finish

Overall, these are really similar to the OEM parts.  The lenses look good, and while the plastic backing/molding may be a bit softer than OEM, I see no downside to it.  It may even be less likely to break if it were to be hit in cold weather but I will try and avoid testing that.

Fit & Installation

Installing these is really a breeze requiring only a Philips head screwdriver, here is what it takes:

  1. Open tailgate and remove the 3 light assembly screws
  2. Pull the 3 individual bulb assemblies
  3. Replace the turn signal bulb with a provided amber one
  4. Plug the LED brake light adapter into the existing bulb housing
  5. Replace the 3 bulb assemblies
  6. Screw the light assembly back on with the original screws and and you are done


Other than being shiny and new, and the LED’s appearing a tad brighter, they perform like stock, which is not a bad thing.  I do also like that LED brake lights have essentially zero delay when the brakes are applied.  even a couple tenths of a second can mean the difference between getting rear-ended or not.

Final Thoughts

If you like the look of these lights, or even just need a new assembly due to damage, these are an easy choice.  Excellent price, simple installation, good looks, all make this an upgrade I would suggest to anybody.

FZJ80 DEPO Light 1
FZJ80 DEPO Light 2

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