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Had to go pick up a used SmartCap so decided to hit Wolf Gap Campground and Davis/Thomas on the way back. Got to experience 3-4 seasons in a single day, welcome to WV. Lol Then, soon thereafter, ventured up to a local state park, Cooper’s Rock, which is just amazing for camping, hiking, and biking. The kids, and their Dad, really needed a nice outdoor weekend.

Well, its been a few years running the FZJ80 and as life has changed, so has my use of the rig. With very little “hardcore” offroading going on, more mountain biking, camping, and trips with my boys, its time for a change. While I love the 80 series for all the reasons that make it great, its just no longer the best fit for our needs. So… 2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road in Blue Crush. While I wouldn’t call the plans for the rig extreme, some nice enhancements getting added including: Toyota TRD Lift 4-Runner Gunmetal SEMA Wheels 275/70r17 BF Goodrich All-Terrain TA KO2 SmartCap with Prinsu Rack CBI Aluminum Front Bumper TBD Aluminum Rear Bumper and Skid Plates Superwinch Winch – Model TBD So, nothing fancy, but this will be my 5th Tacoma since they were first introduced in 1995 and quite frankly, I loved each one. Great truck,…

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In the grand scheme of things, not everyone can afford to drop $50k – $60k on a new 4-Runner TRD or Jeep Gladiator Rubicon.  Thankfully, the used rig market is quite healthy with a lot of vehicles for sale at a huge variety of price points.  Still, even used rigs can be quite pricey, $20k and up is not uncommon these days.  So, for those of us where this whole “overland” fad is just car-camping and not a career, choosing the right vehicle at the right price can be daunting, but it need not be.

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Locked Gates Ahead

Surprisingly enough, camping in Upstate NY in November can get pretty cold. There can even be snow. And in a tent, even a heavy canvas one, staying warm can be a challenge. That’s where Mr. Heater comes into the picture.

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