I get asked a lot about my FZJ80.  Many of those questions are from folks looking at getting one for themselves.  The decision to go out and buy a 20 year old vehicle is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Not only should you consider it’s current condition, but also its maintenance and usage history.  While those may seem the same, knowing the maintenance and usage history can give a great picture of what MIGHT give you problems, where the current condition just gives you a snapshot of right now.  Thankfully, this topic has been covered in great detail so without getting to thick into the discussion, here are some of excellent starting points for those looking at adding an 80 series to their vehicle stable!

Slee Offroad

Info for New 1991-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series Owners


Should I buy an 80, Costs of Ownership?

Expedition Land Cruiser

80 Series FAQ and Tech Specs

By reading these three articles/threads, most if not all the initial questions can be answered based on the input of VERY knowledgable people in the Cruiser world.  From there, vehicle-specific questions can be approached in a much more thoughtful, and detailed manner, leading to much better answers.

Happy vehicle hunting!

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